About us

Lady Honey has a passion for sustainable luxury fashion. An Ivy League educated finance and investments professional, Lady Honey has over 20 years experience of sourcing and selling high end luxury goods which first started as a hobby.
Lady Honey always puts her customers first and matches her standout luxury products with her customers need for style exclusivity and timeless elegance.
Lady Honey and her dedicated team of professionals have brought their expertise and industry experience to UAE and rest of the world with the aim of making luxury fashion accessible by providing our new and pre-loved products in excellent condition and at a competitive price because in Lady Honey's own words, "every lady deserves the best".
With an ever evolving collection, we feature and resell high end luxury brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Patek Philippe with the aim of providing 100% authentic luxury products to our esteemed clientele.
Lady Honey